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Fair Market Value Appraisal

Fair market value is used for estate evaluation purposes and is an assessment based on what a willing buyer and seller would agree to without a forced sale, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having knowledge of revelant facts.  It is the value at which an item would sell for in its present state and most common market.  This type of appraisal is also used for divorce settlements, probate, donation or casualty loss.

Insurance Replacement Appraisal (New)

Refers to the cost of replacement in the retail market of property as good as, but no better than the item being replaced.  The item should be identical to that being replaced, therefore this is useful for mass-produced jewelry.  However, the term is useful only when a new identical item can be obtained.

Liquidation Appraisal

The value of an item when the client decides to convert jewelry items into immediate cash.  Liquidation is the lowest measurable market and results in the lowest net return.


Appraisal Clinics

This service includes a through evaluation of the items, detailed written description complete with measurements, grading specifications, identifying characteristics and other pertinent explanation in a format appropriate for insurance use.  A photo of the items accompanies the completed packet.

Items may be left at the store in advance for convenience, or appointments can be made so the owner is present for the evaluation.  In order to participate in appraisal clinics, we ask that you contact us to be placed on the list for the next scheduled event, and we will confirm the details with you as the date approaches.

Brokering Services

Is a professional service working for you against a very sophisticated market like the jewelry industry.  Our allegiance is to you alone.  We are highly trained in gems and jewelry.  We charge a percentage ranging from 10% to 20% of the recovered value depending on the type of service provided.  We can assist with a piece going to a top auction house or find a local dealer willing to pay top dollar fast.

Estate Planning Services

If you are in need of sorting out your jewelry for estate purposes we can help.  We can save you time and money by providing you with an initial opinion on what is worth appraising.  We will sort your items worth appraising up to a half of an hour for a nominal fee.  If more time is required we can continue sorting at a standard hourly rate.  Once sorting is complete the written estate appraisals will commence at our standard hourly rate,  (see fee schedule).  An estate appraisal will provide a brief description and a picture of the item(s) with the approximate current selling value.

Expert Jewelry Repairs

Not all jewelry is in like new or insurable condition, therefore we offer a full line of jewelry repair services from gemstone replacement to ring sizing.  Estimates are provided prior to any repair work performed.

Expert Witness

The services of a professional jewelry appraiser may be required for litigation support or expert witness testimony.  This can be especially important in cases involving jewelry.  A professionally trained appraiser has the expertise to offer opinions of value in an unbiased manner to aid the court in reaching an equitable decision.  Engaging the appraiser before depositions are taken can often expedite an out of court settlement.

Pre or Post Purchase Consulting

Because jewelry can be a high-value purchase whereby the consumer is usually unknowledgeable, it is common for buyers to request an inspection period when making such a purchase.  Most reputable jewelers will agree to an inspection by an independent, unbiased appraiser before the sale is finalized.  This is usually done with a provisional sale, with a stated period for returning the jewelry.  If you plan to make such an arrangement, you will need to co-ordinate between the jeweler and the appraiser, so both parties are available when needed.

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